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Manual Search



Wellcome Trust TreeSpec! Here, you can build a species tree, whose leaf-nodes are the multi-species you queryed. The result page return to you may contain a PNG format picture which whill show you the tree you need. When clicking on the nodes, you will be forwarded to NCBI tree mode page, as it on the leaf-text-labels, you will be forwarded to NCBI info mode page. If you just query for only one species, you will be forwarded to NCBI taxonomy browser page.

Common Species in the side bar are currently all the sequenced-species in Treefam database. You can selcet some or all of them to build the species-tree.

Manual Search provide a way that allow you to specify other species than the species we supply in Common Species. You can also select some of the common ones in side bar, and fill the others in this text field, all your selected and input will be submited to the server together. Your input can be either the taxonomy id number, swcode or the name of species. Be sure to have some delimiters between each species you want to see, such as space "," ";", which will be well delimited.
     If you input the full-name of species, the page will only return the species which exactly match your input, otherwise, if you just input part of a word, it will return you all the species that hit your input, in condition that your input is the first half of a word in species's name. You should be aware of that the number of leaf-nodes must not too many, or you will meet an error message. Of course, taxon search and swcode search must be exact match.

PreSets supplys a quick way to search for a pre-defined species-group, which may be the most frequent query from various researchers.

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