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Search Instructions

Generally, TreeFam search page find records that contain all your input words. Restricted by FULLTEXT engine, only words with 4 or more characters that begin with your query will be matched. For example, a query `p53' will not match `p53'; `dc' matches `DCTN4' but not `CDC14'.

You can use double quote to specify a phrase. You can also input species name to reduce the number of query results. For example, `"cyclin A" human mouse' will find human/mouse genes whose descriptions contain phrase "cyclin A". A single letter `A' or `B' (not in quotation marks) specifies whether family-A or -B should be searched.

If you only have accessions from GenBank, PDB, UniProt or even Affymatrix probe ID or GO ID, you may want to input your queries in "search for external accessions" box. TreeFam has recorded cross references for Ensembl genes.

(Please go to FAQ page for more information.)

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